Print For decades the governments of Europe have been controlled by socially liberal politicians who despise the Christian values that contradict both their politically correct views and their social behavior. From abortion and legal prostitution to euthanasia, the so-called “middle right” and “middle left” political parties of Europe have strangled Christianity. Christianity professes God to […]

As a physician in the community who has been interested, I have reviewed many articles in relation to marijuana both good and bad. Marijuana has been shown to lead to permanent changes in the brain that are particularly more predominant if used during adolescence or young adulthood. These changes have been…read more at

Anyone who has followed the lead-up to the NFL draft knows that Robert Nkemdiche is a risky proposition. But what you don’t usually see is NFL teams actually admitting as much. That’s what happened on Thursday, though, as Detroit Lions reporter Justin Rogers reported that Nkemdiche is a “red flag…read more at

Summer Schedule: June 2: The Preponderance of Evidence with Suzanne Giesemann I Consciousness June 3: Suzanne Giesemann workshop I Consciousness June 6: For the Love of Golf I Fundraiser June 14: The Economic Status of Women in Colorado I Hot Topics June 20: A Day with Vu Le: Exploring Equity and Community Building I Special […]

Governor Bruce Rauner has changed his mind and is now in favor of expanding medical marijuana. Sales in Illinois started last year as part of a three-year pilot program. Now Governor Rauner wants to extend it for two more years and add more qualifying health conditions. The expanded list of conditions includes post-traumatic stress syndrome […]

Getty Images(Photo: Getty Images) COLUMBUS — Ohioans won’t be voting on medical marijuana this fall because Marijuana Policy Project dropped its campaign after lawmakers passed a comprehensive plan Wednesday. National marijuana legalization powerhouse Marijuana Policy Project, and its local affiliate, Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, announced Saturday they would suspend a campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. The […]

In this Grow Guide, we’re going to step into the enchanting world of Biodynamic gardening. Biodynamic gardening is the pioneer of modern-day organics developed by the Austrian writer, educator and social activist, Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Emerging in the 1920’s when concern of modern agriculture was at an all-time high, biodynamics looks to restore and enhance […]